Welcome to whatisart.org an international non-profit arts organization sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation of Seattle, Washington.

The development of this project began in the year 2000, when artists from Germany and the United states collaborated together to form the first whatisart.org collective to pursue a cross-cultural and multi disciplined collaboration producing Whatisart? and Whatissound? creating for the global audience an international lexicon of the art Experience.

The question is not what is art? but how has art been affected by the impact of technology. Today artists who were once working in one discipline are finding new ways to weave other mediums into their final body of work creating art as an experience and new painted visions about our technological age. Currently there are Whatisart? Collectives in Bosnia,China,Czech Republic,France,Germany,Greece,Japan and The United States: Seattle, San Francisco, New York

The whatisart.org collective houses mediums such as: Experimental Sound, Graphic Design, Video, Dance, painting and sculpture. The Collected influences of the whatisart collective is that of futurism, Surrealism and Dadaism producing the new 'ism' in the fully collaborated Art Experience. It is in the recontexualization of art that we find the new rhythm. Whatisart? And WhatisSound?

This is how the artists associted with Whatisart? described themselves on the original Whatisart.org website.

"We are artists trying to find a common language to talk to each other. We are neither Americans, Europeans or any other nationality but simple people trying to build a global community. We do not accept national identities or assume cultural characteristics; we are simply people trying to understand each other. We cannot be responsible for our government's short-term myopia; we choose to believe in the common decency of all the peoples that populate our individual collectives. We respect and affirm all our cultural uniqueness in Visual Art, Performing Art, Music, and Literature and celebrate our diversity of viewpoints and milieu. We neither condone nor condemn current geo-political realities, we seek to understand our differences and celebrate the diversity of our viewpoints. We do not hate, and we do not seek to encourage xenophobia in any nation. We want to understand our differences and seek to find common ground where we can choose to disagree but respect each unique viewpoint. We believe that people-to-people contact is the best way for nations to understand and respect each other. We seek dialog, compassion and understanding."

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